Below are electronics projects I completed during my time at UW Madison.

Senior Honors Thesis

The culmination of my studies at UW Madison was my senior honors thesis. For this project, I designed and built what I called a wearable lighting contoller. This device was made using a Lilypad Arduino, a three axis accelerometer, and an XBee radio. The components were attached to a glove and connected together using conductive thread. I designed the project this way in order to be able to integrate it into costumes. Using a program called Max, I was able to take the data from the accelerometer and change it into Open Sound Controll messages. I was then able to use those messages to controll an ETC Ion.

After building the controller, I worked with Jenny Lamb and her stage movement class  along with her stage movement class to devise a movement based performance featuring my wearable controller.  APOTHEOSIS: THE RISE was the result. Below are some highlights of our performance.

Theatre and Drama 619 Final Project: LightHack Joystick

The class that got me interested in building electronics was a class I took on show control and networking. The final project for this course was to use a show control protocol and demonstrate its use. For this project I took the ETC Labs' LightHack kit and modified it to use a Wii Nunchuck  to controll moving head fixtures instead of the encoders that came in the kit. I designed this project to be a tool to help with programming moving head fixtures,  and it has proven useful multiple times.

Physical to Virtual

The first project for my show control and networking class was to find a way to take a physical action and make it trigger a cue. The goal was to create a system where a cue could be synced up with an action onstage more exactly than could be done by a stagemanager calling cues. My solution to this project was to take apart a keyboard and attach wires to the contacts for the spacebar. By connecting these two wires together, I was able to trigger a cue in QLab or EOS.